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Epidemiologist reviewing data in a lab

Career Spotlight: Epidemiologist

The study of epidemiology is a vital part of public health practice. This article defines epidemiology and shares general career opportunities, practices and educational requirements.
Healthiest Nation 2030, April 2-8 National Public Health Week

Five faculty experts share public health insights for NPHW

University of Nevada, Reno faculty weigh in on National Public Health Week’s critical topic areas for creating the healthiest nation by 2030.
Amy Fitch, MPH, CHES Lecturer

What cities are doing to improve public health and safety

University of Nevada, Reno lecturer Amy Fitch discusses how cities are helping improve public health through active transportation.
A care giver helping a senior person in the park

What you need to know about dementia

The challenges, both personal and societal, associated with dementia have perhaps never been more clear than today, as detailed in recent reports.
Man reading paper behind a clock.

How to find work-life balance as a social worker

Social workers are constantly on the go, dealing with a whirlwind of demanding situations.