Master of Social Work Curriculum

Master of Social Work online curriculum

The goals of the Master of Social Work build upon the profession’s core competencies as articulated by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). These abilities are integral to the program’s approach to advanced generalist social work practice and are promoted through a holistic, complex, and dynamic view of social work practice as evidenced by our curriculum.

When you enroll in the online program at the University of Nevada, Reno, you can gain competencies that allow you to:

  • Demonstrate leadership and a vision for change
  • Engage with others in ways that motivate and empower
  • Analyze data and use research to inform practice decisions
  • Navigate diverse, ambiguous and changing practice contexts
  • Promote the well-being of individuals, families, groups and society
  • Promote social and economic justice

Our Vision:

The University of Nevada, Reno’s vision is to educate and graduate the best-prepared, confident leaders for the state, national and global community; to be a nexus for research and creativity that focuses on vital issues of our time, and to serve as a catalyst for the betterment of our society.

Our Mission:

To educate, train and nurture competent, committed, compassionate and diverse social work leaders who advance the social justice mission of social work through their leadership in research, public policy, academics and clinical practice at local, national and global levels.

Students completing the foundation curriculum are not yet autonomous social work practitioners. However, they do have the skills, knowledge base and perspective to pursue further studies in the concentration curriculum.


Foundation Courses for Traditional Students

SW 610 Structural Oppression I 3 Credits
SW 611 Structural Oppression II 3 Credits
SW 620 Social Work Methods with Individuals 3 Credits
SW 621 Social Work Methods with Groups 3 Credits
SW 623 Social Work Methods with Organizations, Communities and Legislatures 3 Credits
SW 624 Social Work Methods with Couples and Families 3 Credits
SW 630 Social Work History and Social Welfare Policy 3 Credits
SW 640 Elements of Evidence Informed Practice 3 Credits
SW 680 Foundation Practicum I 3 Credits
SW 681 Foundation Practicum II 3 Credits

Concentration Courses for All Students

SW 710 Advanced Multi-dimensional Assessment 3 Credits
SW 720 Intervention Approaches with Individuals 3 Credits
SW 721 Therapeutic Interventions with Groups 3 Credits
SW 723 Social Work Administration I 3 Credits
SW 724 Therapeutic Interventions with Families 3 Credits
SW 725 Social Work Administration II 3 Credits
SW 741 Practice and Program Evaluation 3 Credits
SW 780 Advanced Practicum I 3 Credits
SW 781 Advanced Practicum II 3 Credits
SW 793 Integrative Case-Based Seminar – Advanced Generalist Practice 3 Credits