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Chronic Disease vs. Communicable Disease: What’s the Difference?

Chronic Disease vs. Communicable Disease: What’s the Difference?
Elizabeth Christiansen, Ph.D. Director, Center for Program Evaluation

Faculty Interview: Dr. Elizabeth Christiansen

Why is it important for professionals to evaluate public health promotion programs?


Childhood Obesity as an Epidemic

Explore the problems and the potential solutions that define childhood obesity.
Solutions for Social Work in Rural Communities


Across the United States, there are close to 650,000 social workers ? 80% are located in cities.

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Dental Hygienists Make Perfect Public Health Professionals

Dental hygienists are oral health prevention specialists. Earning a Master of Public Health online can help you transition from prevention at the individual patient level to the community level. Learn how.

Social Work vs. Sociology: What’s the Difference?

On the surface, social work and sociology appear to be interchangeable fields.


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What does it take to be successful in the field of social work?

Jennifer McClendon, shares what it takes to be successful in the field of social work.
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When did you have the first light-bulb moment in your career?

Jennifer McClendon, shares the first light-bulb moment in her career.


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Advanced Generalist Practice: Social Work Deep Dive

Jennifer McClendon, discusses the Advanced Generalist Practice program in a webinar social work deep dive.
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MPH Internships: What you need to know

Lynn Short, shares an MPH Internships Overview detailing the process and various steps to obtain a successful internship.