What is the value of an MSW in today’s social work marketplace?

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Dorothy Farrel, D.M., M.S.W., Clinical Associate Profession Coordinator, and Jennifer Pierce, MSW Assistant Field Education Coordinator, at the University of Nevada, Reno, go over the value of MSW in today’s social work marketplace.


The value of an MSW in today’s marketplace is invaluable. Actually, in the state of Nevada we have some pretty significant workforce issues. And across the country it is pretty equitable in the fact that we just don’t have enough social works to meet community need. The value in obtaining your master’s degree over the bachelor’s degree really opens up not just windows but doors of opportunity for you to make a true impact within your community.

When I talk to students in regards of a master’s degree, I cannot emphasize enough the value of the MSW as the most versatile and well-rounded option. We are change agents. We use our tools to make things happen. So, whether one is a community organizer addressing a social justice issue or an analyst collaborating for healthcare transformation at a state level an MSW can make things happen by virtue of our social work tools: professionalism, problem solving, critical thinking, advocacy, and interpersonal skills.