Cybersecurity Curriculum

Master of Science in Cybersecurity Curriculum

Earn your advanced degree from the University of Nevada, Reno, while maintaining your current commitments. Our flexible program allows you to learn while you work and apply new knowledge to your current position.

The cybersecurity Master of Science is a 30-credit-hour program without the two bridge courses and a 36-credit-hour program with the bridge courses.


Bridge Courses

CS 601 Fundamentals of Computer Science 3 Credits
CS 646 Principles of Operating Systems 3 Credits

Technical Courses

CS 645 Internet Security 3 Credits
CS 647 Computer Systems Administration 3 Credits
CS 650 Fundamentals of Integrated Computer Security 3 Credits
CS 653 Mobile Computing Security and Privacy 3 Credits
CS 654 Reliability and Security of Computing Systems 3 Credits

Leadership Courses

CS 701 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity 3 Credits
CS 702 Cybersecurity Law and Ethics 3 Credits
CS 703 Game Theory for Cybersecurity 3 Credits
CS 704 Digital Forensics 3 Credits
CS 705 Cryptography and Blockchain 3 Credits

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