Salesforce Business Analyst: Job Description and Salary

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, has always been part of a successful business plan. As tech-driven interactive platforms like social media become more critical to a company’s customer engagement strategy, the ability to effectively manage customer relations has become increasingly complex. Often, businesses turn to software-based solutions to help create and maintain a solid CRM strategy.

One of the most popular and effective CRM bundles on the market today is Salesforce. This cloud-based technology can help organizations gain insights on their customers’ preferences and purchasing habits in real time. This can enable organizations and businesses to develop highly targeted sales and marketing strategies that meet their customers where their interests stand.

While anyone can use the CRM bundle, individuals who have mastered Salesforce can be instrumental in helping organizations optimize the benefits of the software. Ultimately, this can lead to smarter, better-informed business decisions that can in turn, lead to more business growth. For those equipped with an online Master’s in Business Analytics and a passion for solving problems through technology, a role as a Salesforce business analyst can lead to a satisfying career.

A Salesforce business analyst reviews sales data on a laptop.

What Does a Salesforce Business Analyst Do?

Salesforce business analysts help organizations use the CRM software more effectively. Because of the nature of the Salesforce product, the role can look similar to that of a project manager. Salesforce business analysts determine which of the software’s capacities aligns best with a company’s sales and marketing objectives. They also analyze sales data to ensure optimal implementation, and resolve issues that interfere with the software’s optimization. Additionally, they may also be called on to document foundational information and requirements.

Essentially, Salesforce business analysts operate as liaisons between an organization’s stakeholders and IT team to ensure everyone is working in tandem toward achieving optimal results, communicating to each party the needs and concerns of the other.

Steps to Become a Salesforce Business Analyst

For those who aspire to become a Salesforce business analyst, the first step is to earn a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as business administration, data analytics or computer science. During this education, you will need to develop a strong understanding of cloud computing technology, Salesforce as a system and develop other business analyst skills.

Salesforce Business Analyst Training

Salesforce has multiple certification opportunities available for aspiring business analysts, including the designations of Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Consultant. These certifications can be earned by passing an exam. A number of different providers offer classes to prepare individuals for the certification exams; these courses are offered in various forms including through online training programs.

Certification exams and additional learning opportunities are available through the Salesforce website.

Business Analyst Skills

Aside from learning the technical, software-oriented requirements of the job through Salesforce training (such as AppExchange and automation), a successful business analyst must also have soft skills to help with project completion, deadline management, and team communication.


Much like a management analyst, Salesforce business analysts are only as good as the quality and scope of the information they collect. That quality hinges on the data being highly organized, so that it is fully accurate, complete and thorough. This skill is especially valuable in data-cluttered environments.


Salesforce business analysts must be able to think like a customer to identify product weaknesses and offer solutions based on feedback from the CRM software. If Salesforce business analysts can connect to the customer by relating to their problems and recognizing their unique needs, they can make the appropriate product or service modifications and sales recommendations, thereby better resonating with the buying public.

Goal oriented

The Salesforce platform allows users to plug in data that can yield real-time actionable intelligence about how a business is operating at any given time. These details are meaningless if Salesforce business analysts are not focused on the end goal. In short, they must be clear about what the business needs, why it’s needed and what the result may be when that need is met. Once these basic aspects are discovered, analysts can map out the steps and benchmarks to successfully achieve success for the customer.

Other skill sets that are ideal for Salesforce business analysts include critical thinking, time management and good communication skills.

Why Become a Salesforce Business Analyst?

The role of a Salesforce business analyst can be professionally rewarding, enabling you to use your problem-solving skills to help businesses become more successful, potentially turning weaknesses into strengths.

Salesforce business analysts can also gain valuable ongoing learning. As a product, Salesforce is affiliated with many other platforms, such as, myTrailhead and These affiliations can broaden analysts’ familiarity with other third-party applications, thereby further diversifying their hard-skills toolbelt.

Salesforce business analysts may have the opportunity to explore job opportunities around the world. Since Salesforce is a global product, positions for Salesforce business analysts are open and available in many different countries, including the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France, Australia and India.

Salesforce Business Analyst Salary

As of October 2021, the compensation website PayScale reports the median annual salary for a Salesforce business analyst (which they refer to as Salesforce administrator) to be around $68,800. Several factors can influence salary, such as education level and experience. Location can also play a role in shaping salary. A position in a city with a higher cost of living may offer a higher annual salary than one in a city with a lower cost of living.

Pursue an Education in Business Analytics

Salesforce business analysts can help an organization stay one step ahead of the customer. This advantage can translate to improved customer engagement, which can lead to increased sales and business growth. This not only makes the role of the Salesforce business analyst an important one in business, but makes it a satisfying career.

If you’re already familiar with Salesforce or would like to become more proficient in the proprietary software — UNR’s online MS in Business Analytics program may be a perfect fit. The program offers students a solid foundation in data science, data mining and predictive modeling that can lead to a mastery of Salesforce services and software.

Learn how we can help you take the next step on your career journey with confidence.

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