Emily Hendrick, Ph.D., MPH

Emily Hendrick, Ph.D., MPH

Teaching Assistant Professor

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Emily Hendrick’s public health practice experience includes planning, coordinating, implementing and evaluating public health programming in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean for nonprofit and governmental organizations. Specifically, she has worked in adolescent reproductive and sexual health (RSH) promotion programs in Nevada, in HIV-prevention programs in Honduras and the Eastern Caribbean, in substance abuse and violence prevention programs for youth in Texas, and in school-based health center programming in California. Her research interests include understanding and reducing maternal, child and adolescent health (MCAH) disparities by investigating the determinants of health behaviors and health across the life course and generations.

Hendrick’s teaching philosophy and methods are derived from her community and university teaching experiences, and from her formal university-level pedagogy training at UW Madison, UT Austin and UC Berkeley. She takes great joy in incorporating examples from her own public health practice and research experiences into courses to demonstrate the practicality of course content in real-world public health practice and research.



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  • Post-doctoral Fellowship: Health Disparities Research Scholars, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2019
  • Ph.D., Health Behavior and Health Education, The University of Texas at Austin, 2017
  • MPH, Maternal and Child Health, University of California, Berkeley, 2011
  • BS, Nutritional Sciences, University of Nevada, Reno, 2000
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Email: ehendrick@unr.edu