What was your motivation for pursuing a career in public health?

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I really enjoy working in Public Health because Public Health is very applied and it’s very focused about the community. I love how we learn things and then we try to solve problems and improve the health of the community.

After years of being out of school I returned as a nontraditional student to finish my undergraduate degree in biology and apply to medical school. While I was finishing my degree I took a course in epidemiology and it was love at first sight. That’s when I decided to get a PhD in in epidemiology instead of going to medical school.

I didn’t know until I was in college that I was passionate about public health but as I studied biology and psychology and the interface and realized I very much enjoyed applied work; Public Health was the right fit for me.

I really thought I would just do research and wasn’t interested in teaching at all but once I worked in academia I found I really liked working with students, and learned from them. So, most of my career has been in academia.