What makes the University of Nevada, Reno’s online MSW program stand out from the crowd?

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Jennifer Pierce, MSW Assistant Field Education Coordinator, and Dorothy Farrel, D.M., M.S.W., Clinical Associate Profession Coordinator, go over what makes online MSW program at the University of Nevada, Reno unique.


I think UNR is unique in its relationship to the local community and the level of hands-on involvement in advocacy work done by the faculty. The online program evolved from a natural shift to the online leaning as the school recognized the community need. But the program remains true to its integrity by mirroring the roots of the core social work curriculum that has existed in the traditional program.UNR’s online school of Social work program is unique in nature. It is completely developed by the faculty that are invested in your education and the professional growth of the social work profession. We have a real passion for what we do. Not only here in Reno but also throughout the rural areas of Nevada and also throughout the united states.

Faculty and staff are passionate about social work education and work to ensure that our workforce is educated and equipped to work for social justice and to help individuals improve their lives.