What could you have learned from the MSW program that would have helped your career?

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Dorothy Farrel, D.M., M.S.W., Clinical Associate Profession Coordinator, and Jennifer Pierce, MSW Assistant Field Education Coordinator, at the University of Nevada, Reno, goes over how the earning a degree through the MSW program helped them in their careers.


As a student I remember thinking there was a lot of areas where I couldn’t concretely described what I had learned. one of the things that UNR is doing that I think is very innovative is that we have developed a case study accumulating class at the end of your program which will give you the opportunity to really pull together all of the pieces of your program into one course and really allow you the opportunity to understand what you have acquired through your field placement, through the classes and your experiences here at UNR.When I earned my MSW I chose a concentration in a non-generalist practice program thinking early in my career that was the work I wanted to do. Looking back, after realizing my true passion was in policy work and administration, I wish I had been exposed to more training on those subjects which I feel would have prepared me for the administrative work I sought after earning my degree.