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MSBA Student Josh Rodriguez


Josh Rodriguez brings nearly eight years of experience of data analyst experience to the Master of Science in Business Analytics online degree program at the University of Nevada, Reno. Josh provides clarity and insight into business problems that require an unbiased, data-driven perspective. He is passionate about fact-based research and product analytics.

Hear more first-hand about his experience with the Master of Science in Business Analytics online degree program from the University of Nevada, Reno in a recent interview.


Do you have any insights you want to share with students who are considering earning their Master of Science in Business Analytics online degree from the University of Nevada, Reno?


If you’re interested in studying business analytics at the graduate level, then working at a high-level of productivity should be second nature to you. The MSBA online degree program at the University of Nevada, Reno is a very challenging program. The time I’ve spent researching business problems and working on projects has provided useful in my career and I have also been able to apply previous knowledge and skills to the required coursework.

The online format of the program has been very conducive to the current home-based lifestyle. It provides the flexibility to complete the weekly deliverables at your convenience. There are zero lectures you are required to attend at specific times.  If you are someone who enjoys working asynchronously, you’ll adapt well to the format of the courses.

Business analytics is a vast reaching discipline and is a critical function to many domains. It’s helpful to have an interest or passion that will keep you motivated throughout the program. There are ample opportunities to work on your personal or professional research problems, which will help you accomplish your goals while keeping you engaged with the coursework.


Could you describe your experiences with UNR faculty and instructors through the online Master of Science in Business Analytics program?


The faculty and professors are the best in their class. The professors are motivated to ensure that you fully understand the subject matter, while also being a mentor to guide your objectives while you undertake the coursework. Having professors with decades or professional experience, in addition to being top researchers, give you unique access to a resource you would not find through other online programs.


Are you learning anything now you think you will be able to apply later during a potential internship or future position?


I’m a senior data analyst for a marketing analytics technology company. The MSBA online degree program has a direct impact on my work, and I’ve already been able to apply coursework to my job. Although early in the program, I expected that many of the courses would have an immediate impact on my current career and influence me in areas that I have yet to consider. I’m also excited to build a professional portfolio of projects and research that I can showcase to potential employers.


What impact has the program made directly to your life?


Pursuing a Master of Science degree is a serious endeavor. Being able to balance work, school and personal responsibilities can be a challenge at times. My life has become a lot more structured and planned. Even with careful planning, sometimes priorities get shuffled, and certain things are no longer necessary, like catching up on the  latest Netflix show.

Being in the program has led to positive conversations with my manager, which has allowed me to communicate the direction I’d like to take my career. I’ve also received messages from recruiters on Linkedin, expressing interest in my graduate studies and how that experience will qualify me for certain positions.


Do you have advice for students enrolled in the online Master of Science in Business Analytics program?


For newly enrolled students, don’t be discouraged by the steep learning curve at the beginning. Expect to have some knowledge of programming in R and an understanding of descriptive and inferential statistics. If you lack in those areas, spend the time to come up to speed in the first few weeks before you are required to apply those skills.

Seek out free and discounted software and resources that can help you complete your work. UNR has a lot of resources available for students that you can use, such as cloud storage account. Connect with your classmates and share resources and tips. Everyone is there to help each other be successful. You never know, a classmate may have a lead on a new job opening in the future.

Lastly, the low student-instructor ratio is a benefit. Utilize your access to the professors and research assistants. They are the experts and can help you work through the problems you encounter.


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The online Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) from the University of Nevada, Reno can help you tap into the power of big data to drive smarter business and managerial decisions. You’ll develop a solid, in-depth understanding of blockchain, AI and other cutting-edge technologies helping to define the future of business.


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