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Anastasia Cruz Tokar student testimonial


Hear more about current student Anastacia Cruz Tokar’s experience with the Master of Science in Business Analytics online degree program from the University of Nevada, Reno in a recent interview.

Do you have any insights you want to share with students who are considering earning their Master of Science in Business Analytics online from the University of Nevada, Reno?

The faculty have designed this program with a comprehensive approach to issues in big data industry. From day one, emphasis has been placed on priming an analytical perspective and developing the hard skills to implement analytics. The faculty have demonstrated an adaptive mindset to address our particular class needs on a week to week basis.

Could you describe your experiences with UNR faculty and instructors through the online Master of Science in Business Analytics program?

The instructors at UNR have a tremendous amount of industry experience. The depth of their insight and practical knowledge have cultivated an engaging learning environment. I have appreciated their accessibility and their promptness to address any concerns and questions. Our professors show a passion to be problem solvers and to develop problem solvers, which translates into sincere commitment to the success of the students.

Are you learning anything now you think you will be able to apply later during a potential internship or future position?

The hard skills of programming in R and understanding SQL queries will definitely be beneficial in any future position. Research I conducted for coursework will be valuable to my company when it is performed on a larger scale. In a broader perspective, I am learning how to identify problems and how to evaluate multiple factors to construct solutions. I know this is the beginning semester, but I truly believe I am being equipped for my future. I look forward to what the upcoming semesters bring.

What impact has the program made directly to your life?

My undergraduate degree is in Political Science; and therefore, I interpret historical events through that academic lens. My Business Analytics courses have already challenged me to question the world from an alternative perspective. In particular, topics in data privacy and ethics have encouraged me to explore the destructive demand created in secondary markets for big data. Events, such as the subprime mortgage crisis, take on new depth when attributing the mortgage-backed securities to destructive demand for big data.

I have more structure and established routines since beginning the program. By structuring my day, I have created space to balance life. In weeks where the coursework is more demanding, I might have to cut back on other areas of my life, but I don’t ever have to cut out areas of my life. I have found that I am doing more things that are meaningful and have value.

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The online Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) from the University of Nevada, Reno can help you tap into the power of big data to drive smarter business and managerial decisions. You’ll develop a solid, in-depth understanding of blockchain, AI and other cutting-edge technologies helping to define the future of business.

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