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A care giver helping a senior person in the park

What you need to know about dementia

The challenges, both personal and societal, associated with dementia have perhaps never been more clear than today, as detailed in recent reports.
Amy Fitch, MPH, CHES Lecturer

Physical environment related to physical activity and injury prevention

About 12 years ago I started to become more interested in chronic disease prevention.
Online MPH Professor Paul Devereux

Discussing public health education with a University of Nevada, Reno professor

Discuss public health with professor Paul Devereux of UNR's public health program.
Picture of the World Health Organization flag in front of a building

Zika reclassification: Comparing ‘apples & mangos’

On November 18, The World Health Organization declared an end to its global health emergency.
Two mosquito's on skin

What is the CDC’s Response to the Zika Virus in the U.S.?

In late July of 2016, the Zika virus, spread by infected mosquitoes, reached the coasts of the U.S.
Young boy eating a hamburger

What has the impact of “Let’s Move!” had on childhood obesity?

What has the impact of “Let’s Move!” had on childhood obesity? The authors went on to...
child getting a vaccination shot

Vaccines: Invaluable public health tool or commercial product?

Vaccines have long occupied a unique space in the history of public health.
Two men and two women waiting for a job interview

Tips for nailing job interviews in the field of public health

As a professional entering the field of public health, there is a lot to consider.