Master of Public Health Faculty Interviews

Elizabeth Christiansen, Ph.D. Director, Center for Program Evaluation

Faculty Interview: Dr. Elizabeth Christiansen

Why is it important for professionals to evaluate public health promotion programs?
Online MPH Professor Wei Yang

Faculty Spotlight: Wei Yang

Learn more about Mr. Wei Yang, online Master of Public Health professor.

Master of Public Health Infographics

Childhood Obesity as an Epidemic

Explore the problems and the potential solutions that define childhood obesity.

Master of Public Health News and Articles

Dental care circle infographics Stomatology icon. Colorful dentistry thin line art icons. Symbols teeth, dentist, smile, caries, implant, office. Vector outline elements

Dental Hygienists Make Perfect Public Health Professionals

Dental hygienists are oral health prevention specialists. Earning a Master of Public Health online can help you transition from prevention at the individual patient level to the community level. Learn how.
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Chronic Disease vs. Communicable Disease: What’s the Difference?

Chronic Disease vs. Communicable Disease: What’s the Difference?

Master of Public Health Webinars

UNR campus picture landscape

MPH Internships: What you need to know

Lynn Short, shares an MPH Internships Overview detailing the process and various steps to obtain a successful internship.
UNR campus picture landscape

Public Health Career Outcomes Webinar

The University of Nevada Reno's online MPH degree can prepare you for diverse career opportunities.