Brett Rixom, PHD, Assistant Professor of Accounting, University of Nevada, Reno

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Dr. Brett Rixom, a Michigan native, became interested in accounting at an early stage in his undergraduate career from Lake Superior State University. With a concentration in Public Accounting, he knew to fully prepare for a career as a CPA he’d have to achieve a Master’s in Accountancy.

Post graduation, Dr. Brett Rixom spent some time working abroad in England, traveling through Europe before eventually gaining his MAcc diploma. After returning to the states, he added a concentration in Auditing Systems from the University of Georgia. Rixom started his career as a CPA for several years in Pennsylvania at CliftonLarsonAllen.

Dr. Brett Rixom has mastered working in both the private and public sectors serving in non-profits and manufacturing. During that time, he made the decision to go and achieve his Ph.D. in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from the University of Utah. His research has been published in top journals including The Accounting Review.

Professor Rixom has lived in seven states and two countries and has come to find life in Reno, NV his forever home. He is happily settled with his wife, two curious young children and a rambunctious puppy. When time permits, he loves to be outdoors, hiking, skiing and swimming.

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What are you currently most passionate about in terms of your work or research?

I value bringing real-world experiences into the learning environment. When I was a student, I always appreciated hearing stories from my professors about situations they had faced in their own careers. I wanted to do the same for my students, so I made sure to work for several years before getting my Ph.D. and when it makes sense to do so, I pull those experiences and the knowledge that came with them into my classes.

What are some research initiatives you plan to embark on in the near future?

Much of my research looks at how the environment and auditors’ own perspectives and tendencies influence the way that auditors process information and make business-related decisions. Whenever possible, my research involves actual decision-making rather than focusing solely on hypothetical situations, which I believe helps when firms make decisions about how to structure work for their accounting teams.

What excites you most about teaching in an online setting?

I am looking forward to having an asynchronous format. I am excited that students will be able to learn the material and engage with the class at the times that work best for them rather than having to come to class at a specific time when they might be tired or feel pulled in different directions by other obligations. Some students like to learn early in the morning, others late at night, and still others somewhere in-between. Knowing that the students can participate when they are most alert and ready for learning is something that excites me about teaching in an online environment.

What are some ways the UNR curriculum aligns with your teaching and research philosophies?

UNR’s online MAcc program is designed to help students build their conceptual knowledge and their problem-solving skills. This aligns with my own teaching philosophy because I feel that it is important to provide students with a strong knowledge of relevant accounting concepts and then to take the next step by giving students the opportunity to practice applying these concepts to situations that they may encounter in today’s business world.

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